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Four Rivers Newsletter

Anglican Riverina

“Eternal God, shepherd and guide,

in your mercy give your Church in this diocese

a shepherd after your own heart

who will walk in your ways, and with loving care watch over your people.”


– an extract of a prayer for a new Bishop from ‘A Prayer Book for Australia Shorter Edition, Broughton Books, 1999


Bishopric Nomination Committee

Choosing a new Bishop is an important part in the life of the Diocese.

Learn more about the work of the Bishopric Nomination Committee.



Covering almost a third of the state, the area now known as the Diocese of the Riverina was first worked by  travelling priests, who rode on horseback carrying a change of clothes, a few bibles, and a sense of adventure. Nowdays, we continue to minister to some of the most regional and remote areas of NSW.



We are communities of ministry in the
Anglican tradition serving God’s mission
in the Diocese of Riverina


Report concerns of abuse or misconduct: 1800 070 511