Training and Resources - Anglican Riverina
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Safe Ministry Awareness Workshops


The Anglican Diocese of Riverina are committed to making sure our people are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to create and maintain safe ministry environments.

Safe Ministry Workshops are compulsory for all Clergy, Parish Councillors, Wardens, SRE Teachers and any church workers or volunteers involved in ministry to children or vulnerable people.

What to do if I’ve missed one of the Diocesan Workshops?

As always, our Diocesan church workers and volunteers are welcome to attend Safe Ministry workshops hosted by other Churches, so long as they are part of the National Council of Churches Safe Church Program. Information on the Safe Church Program included upcoming workshops can be found here.

If you do attend a workshop run by another church please ensure you provide the details of the workshop to your local Parish and the Diocesan Office.

More Diocesan Safe Ministry Workshops will be running in 2019.