Screening for lay and ordained roles within the Diocese is undertaken in accordance with the Safe Ministry to Children Canon 2017 Adoption Ordinance 2018 and the Professional Standards Ordinance 2018. As per the Diocese Due Diligence Protocol, all Clergy, Church Workers and Volunteers must undertake some form of screening.


All Volunteer Church Workers must complete a “Safe Ministry Check – Volunteer” before you begin volunteering. Additional screening requirements may apply depending the role you intend to perform. Here’s a glance at what you need to complete: 

Screening procedures such as a NSW Working With Children Check and National Police Check will depend on the role you intend to perform. This should be discussed with your supervisor or local Priest. If your work involves children or managing teams who minister to children a NSW Working With Children Check is compulsory. For more information on the NSW Working with Children Check, please visit the Office of the Children’s Guardian website. A copy of the ‘Safe Ministry Check – Volunteers’ should be obtained from the Diocesan Registry or your local Parish.


All Clergy seeking a Licence from the Bishop must satisfy the requirements for screening as per the Diocesan Due Diligence Protocol and other relevant Ordinances.

Specific additional requirements will vary depending on your role however all clergy and ordination candidates will require:

Information regarding such screening, can be obtained from the should be obtained from the Diocesan Safe Ministry Due Diligence Protocol (linked)