The Very Reverend Rob Harris - Anglican Riverina
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The Very Reverend Rob Harris

Diocesan Administrator and Dean of St. Alban’s Cathedral

The Very Rev’d Rob Harris and his wife Shanti have been welcoming parishioners and visitors to the Cathedral since 2007. Ordained in the Grafton Diocese in 1999, Dean Rob previously held the role of Principal at one of the Grafton Diocesan Junior Schools. Shanti, also a primary teacher, now minsters with Dean Rob. Being the Dean of Riverina, there are not only parish, but also Diocesan and National church ministries he is involved in.

Dean Rob has been a driving force behind the establishment of the Diocese of Riverina Theological Study Centre in partnership with Ridley College.  Dean Rob heads up the Study Centre based at the Cathedral, providing formation and in-context learning to regional theological students from the Diocese.

As Dean of the Cathedral Dean Rob oversees The Cathedral of St Alban the Martyr, as well as St Luke’s Rankins Springs and St George’s Yenda. In addition to weekly worship at the the three centres, services range from Sung Eucharist at the Cathedral, Family Service at Yenda and Farm Church at Rankins Springs.

Dean Rob and Shanti like to travel during their annual leave, visiting Shanti’s family in Malaysia and their three grandsons in Brisbane. They have two adult children Caroline and David.

Dean Rob also serves as Diocesan Administrator and Chair of the Bishopric Nomination Committee.