Deniliquin - Anglican Riverina
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(338 Harrison Street, Deniliquin)

6.00pm Saturday

8.00am Sunday

7.45am Wednesday and Thursday


The Reverend Canon Wayne Sheean

Telephone:  0447 418 835

Address: PO Box 279, Deniliquin, NSW, 2710.

Email Address:

About our Parish

The Parish of Deniliquin is one of the original Parishes of the Diocese. The first Anglican, or Church of England as it was then known, service in the local area was said to have taken place in 1855 (Clyde, L 1979, In a Strange Land, The Hawthorn Press, p.8). Today, the Parish of Deniliquin offers weekly worship as well as community outreach through Mainly Music and most recently, through the establishment of their Opportunity Shop.

Our Clergy

Reverend Wayne Sheean

Rector of the Parish of Deniliquin 

Rev Wayne worked in hospitality and at the University of Newcastle before theological studies and formation at St John’s College Morpeth. He has served in the Newcastle and Bendigo Dioceses before coming to the Riverina Diocese in 2014.

Groups and Activities

St Pauls Play Group

For children up to school age and a time-out for mums. Meets from 10am each Wednesday during school term at St Paul’s Hall. Contact: Mrs Ginny Bult.

Mainly Music

Each Thursday during school term at 10am in St Paul’s Hall – This is both a fun and educational programme for parents and young children to experience and learn together co-ordination and movement, shapes and numbers using singing and music. Contact: 58812092

News, Pew Sheets and Events

There are no events to show.