Barham - Anglican Riverina
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St John the Evangelist, Barham
(27 Niemur Street, Barham)

9.00am Holy Communion each Sunday

2nd Sunday of the month 10am Family Service and Sunday School

Wednesday’s 5pm Evening Prayer.

St Luke’s Wakool (services @ St Joseph’s Catholic Church) 

1st & 3rd Sunday’s 11.00am Holy  Communion.

2nd Sunday 10.00am at Barham

4th Sunday’s 11.00am Uniting Church lead.


St Martins Moulamien

1st Sunday at Uniting

2nd Sunday 10.00am at Barham

3rd Sunday 10.00am at Uniting

4th Sunday 11.15am Holy Communion


Priest in Charge: The Reverend Neale Sommersby
Telephone number: 0497 359 576
Address: PO Box 129, Barham, NSW 2732

About our Parish

The township of Barham was settled from 1843 and was officially gazetted as a village in 1882. In line with the extension to the railways at the time and further settlement in the Riverina region, it is thought that the first Church was built in Barham in 1908. One of only two humble mud brick churches in the area, the church of St John the Evangelist was built voluntarily by the townspeople. In 1929, the Parish of Barham was officially declared and was brought under the care of Diocese of Riverina.

The current church building of St John the Evangelist began construction in 1956, and was opened and dedicated in 1957. We continue to hold services here as well as at three other churches in the Parish every Sunday.