Anglicare - Anglican Riverina
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Anglicare Australia is a nationwide network of locally based Anglican organisations serving the needs of their communities.

From Groote Eylandt, NT to Kingston, Tasmania, from Bondi to Bunbury, Anglicare member agencies are committed to caring for people in need and seeking social justice for all.

Anglicare agencies work in close cooperation with other community organisations and some receive funding from Federal, State and Local Governments to provide a wide range of services including:

  • residential and community aged care
  • foster care, adoption and child care
  • family support and relationship counselling
  • support for people with disabilities
  • financial and gambling counselling
  • family support and relationship counselling
  • treatment for drug and alcohol dependence
  • family violence
  • youth programs
  • emergency relief
  • employment services
  • community housing and emergency accommodation for homeless people
  • community development through building communities of hope
  • working with Aboriginal and Islander Australians
  • assistance to refugees and migrants
  • social research and advocacy

Click here to learn more about the national mission of Anglicare.