For many of us,  the Anglican Church is part of our extended family.

The liturgical and social life of the Church, as well as its educational and welfare activities,

help to bind us together. This is especially true in a Diocese like ours, where many of our parishioners live on the land or in small country towns.

Our Diocese are ever so grateful for all donations, large and small that are made to keep the church running. While most of us tend to think of the collection plate during Sunday service, there are several other ways generous individuals and organisations can contribute.

The Foundation

The Anglican Diocese Foundation is the primary source of funding for projects and ministry within your community. The Foundation assists the church in it’s mission to:

Establish new ways of providing ministry to serve our rapidly changing society

Provide for its ongoing caring and welfare services in our communities

Be faithful stewards of the heritage, material and spiritual, entrusted to us.

Every donation counts! Be it a cash donation in the collection plate, a bequest or an assignment of property supporters may contribute to specific causes or toward the kitty for general purposes. All funds are professionally managed by an experienced financial firm so you can feel confident your contribution goes as far as possible to support the future of the Church in the Diocese of Riverina.

For more information, contact our Diocesan Registry Office.