Weddings Funerals Baptisms

Special Services in the Diocese of Riverina Each of the Parishes within the Diocese of Riverina are here to help you prepare and share in some of the most important events of your life. From the beginning, to the next chapter of your Faith journey, we offer: Baptisms Holy Communion Confirmation Weddings Funerals To discuss […]

Special Religious Education

Special Religious Education (SRE) is taught in public primary and high schools across the Diocese with paid and volunteer workers drawn not only from our parishes and special districts but other denominations as well. The Diocese ensures that scripture teachers are well trained and appropriately authorised. The Diocese is a member of the Inter Church […]

Four Rivers Bookshop

Established in 1977, Four Rivers Bookshop is located in Griffith New South Wales. The phrase ”Four Rivers” holds special significance in the Riverina Diocese and hails from the passage “A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden and there it divided and became four rivers.” These four rivers are represented within the Diocese […]

Anglican Parish Op-Shops

An Op-Shop can be found on the grounds of several Churches around our Diocese. Each of these shops provide a range of affordable clothing and homewares for those in need. Donations of clean second hand clothing and household items (excluding electrical) are always welcome and can be given either directly to your local Parish Op […]