Professional Standards

The Anglican Diocese of Riverina is committed to the standard of love proclaimed and lived by Christ; Christian love. Christian love seeks the best for others in a safe environment.

This standard of Christian love is expected in the lives of all clergy and church workers. These people must agree to abide by the standard of behaviour contained in our code of conduct “Faithfulness In Service”. This code prohibits all forms of inappropriate, abusive and exploitative behaviour towards children and adults. Faithfulness in Service is available for viewing on the Anglican Church of Australia’s website. 

To aid in ensuring the Faithfulness in Services standards are adhered to, we have a Professional Standards process for handling complaints made against clergy and church workers.


Anglican Diocese of Riverina Professional Standards

Safe Church Training Agreement

Making a Complaint

Complaints of inappropriate behaviour on the part of clergy or church workers may be reported to the Director of Professional Standards,Reverend Peter Barnett on 0402 102 008 or by phoning 1800 070 511. We are committed to resolving all complaints as quickly as possible for the sake of all involved parties.