The township of Barham was settled from 1843 and was officially gazetted as a village in 1882. In line with the extension to the railways at the time and further settlement in the Riverina region, it is thought that the first Church was built in Barham in 1908. One of only two humble mud brick churches in the area, the church of St John the Evangelist was built voluntarily by the townspeople.  In 1929, the Parish of Barham was officially declared and was brought under the care of Diocese of Riverina.

The current church building of St John the Evangelist began construction in 1956, and was opened and dedicated in 1957. We continue to hold services here as well as at three other churches in the Parish every Sunday.  

St John the Evangelist, Barham – Sunday 10.00 am

St Paul’s, Koondrook – Sunday 8.00 am

St Luke’s,Wakool – Sunday 11.30 am

St Martin’s, Moulemein – Sunday 2.00 pm

Prayer Group meets at 1.00 pm every fourth Tuesday at the Parish hall in Barham.

Well, the Jazz Mass held in the parish of Barham was an outstanding and moving experience. It was spiritual, uplifting, joyful and had moments of sadness. This Mass was the 15th service that Anglican parish of Barham has held and sadly the final one in this format. From the earlier years of the Geoff Evans Band to the transformation into the Double AA Jazz Band the congregation have sang, tapped their feet and swayed along to their Jazz music. And this year was no different, the service was delivered by Father David Bond, Rector of Barham and Bishop Rob Gillion.
The sermon was a delight and was given by Bishop Rob on how music and Jesus can go together and on some of his own spiritual experiences. The whole sermon was compelling. He showed us a drawing of a pair of shoes and told us that the prisoner who had who had given it to him said he wouldn’t know what it would be like to be in his shoes. So Bishop Rob in attempt to understand asked if he could and it was approved, that he spend a long week in a Hong Kong prison. As we were busy tapping our feet and thRev'd David Bond and Bishop Rob at the Jazz Service on 28 Juneus shoes along to the fabulous Jazz music, i wondered what it would be like to spend time in anybody else’s life. One of the lessons i learnt from this sermon is do not be too quick to judge others and their life choices.
After the sermon and some more singing with Hymns like “The Old Rugged Cross” and “Oh Rock My Soul” we were blessed with a rendition of “Precious Lord” by Bill Beazly from the Double AA Jazz Band and Father David Bond, it was beautiful and bought a few of us to tears. The Mammoth task of giving Communion then began to a church pack to the rafters. After Communion a huge thanks was given to CluBarham and to the Parishioners who have helped with what ever task was needed year in year out. And also to the many Jazz followers who came from far and wide.
We finished the service with a hearty singing of “ When The Saints Go Marching In”, we sang Joyfully and Loudly, trying to lift the roof of the church. Finishing then with a blessing by Bishop Rob Gillion and a social get together after for tea, coffee and cakes. Where everyone got to relax and catch up, some had not seen each other since the previous year. After 15 years with the Double AA Jazz Band and the Anglican Church of Barham who knows what future ideas will arise for the church and the Jazz community?

Contact person: Rev’d Neale Sommersby

Telephone number: 0497 359 576

Address: PO Box 129, Barham, NSW 2732